After forty years of unbroken service, Nicholas Hoare will be closing its Westmount store for good on New Year’s Eve.
Despite a welcome six-month reprieve, facilitated by both our accomodating landlords and Westmount’s redoubtable mayor, Peter Trent, we have now decided not to renew our lease in January, despite all attempts to do so, and to transfer ongoing business to our flagship store in Toronto instead.
We close with immense regret; but given the parlous state of the publishing and music industries in general and traditional book and CD retailing in particular, the wisdom of renewing our lease in January is moot. Our unorthodox, if otherwise successful, experiment this summer, in which we agreed wholeheartedly to continue operations, on condition that our customers decide whether we go or stay, has more than enabled the community to speak – and we have listened. In that sense alone, the experiment has worked.                                                                           
In the meantime, we are full speed ahead through Christmas and out the other side. Stock has never been higher or quality greater, and the range remains extraordinary. Indeed, even while we dismantle the store, we shall remain open for two hours a day in early January on an ad hoc basis to accomodate the usual credits and exchanges as an orderly run-off, with any subsequent transactions referred to Toronto for fulfilment. Notes at Random, our monthly mailer, will continue uninterruptedly from there, along with our website and blog.                                                                    
In closing, we would be sadly remiss not to thank de profundis both our customers and staff for their unwavering support over the years. 1971 seems a very long time ago now, but no two days have ever been the same since; and the handling of a seemingly endless procession of hand-picked material has been a joy for all concerned.
You will be greatly missed.
Nicholas Hoare  



  1. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your very kind support, over all the years and over all the miles! I’d like to wish you all well in coming ventures and to remind you that the story never truly ends, as there is always another chapter or sequel! The bookbuying community will certainly miss Nicholas Hoare and I will miss all of you! I’m not sure if he was really talking about the book business (but I would like to think that is what he meant!) when Robert Browning once said, “How sad and bad and mad it was – / But then, how it was sweet!””
    Thank you for everything! Wendy

  2. I can only add my voice to the sentiments already expressed by others here. You will be sorely missed. Your gorgeous bookshop was my solace for many years – just entering it felt like moving into a different sphere, a place apart from the mundane world . It’s so very sad. I must ask, though, as nobody else has, what the future holds for the aesthetic, urban feline, evident in all the pictures? No mention of him or her. Retirement with you to the countryside?
    We wish you all the very best.

  3. You wil surely be missed. You present yourself as,in my
    opinion, a bookstore should be. Shelves of wonderful books
    on many different subjects. No jingle, jangle just
    colorful books to inform and enertain.
    thank you so very much.
    beverly de carlo

  4. Nicholas, so sorry to hear about your impending closure in Westmount. Wanted to visit my last stay in Montreal but time got away from me. Hoping to get to the warehouse next year.

  5. How do we save this from happening? Your delightful
    boutique of Literature , Cd’s have filled the stockings of both
    friends and family.. Recently my grandson who is 1 week old.
    This gift reached Vancouver , BC.
    I am sending you sincere best wishes as well as reaching out
    to possibly changing your mind… There are always options.


  6. I understand your concern about the changes in the music and book industry. Is this not the same reality in Toronto. Quebec always seems to lose to Toronto. I love your book store and am very sad to see it close

  7. We have vacationed in Montreal every summer since 1987. I always gorge on buying books in your lovely Greene Avenue shop and previously the one at Ogilvy as well. Living deep in the southern US, I always knew I could pickup the phone and call you to send a Canadian or British book I would not be able to find here. When we return every August, it is though I have not been away. Nicholas Hoare is like home to me. Dear friends, you will be missed more than you will ever know. Today, I am wishing I were there for Edward Phillips’ autograph party but since I am not, will phone my order to you instead. Between now and New Year’s, I will have to catalogue a “want list” and order from you. When we visited you in August, I was so praying for you that something would work out. But these are indeed times that try men’s souls. Godspeed!

  8. You will be greatly missed, Nicholas. Extremely sad to see you close, especially now that I have quite literally moved around the corner from you. You have played a stellar role in our cultural life over all these years, and I’m not quite sure how we will all manage without you. I have worn a few different hats over the years, and I thank you for your kindness and goodness to me in all these guises. Wishing you all the best now and in the future.


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