With this, our very first blog, news is about to break that our dearly beloved Westmount store, where it all began 40-odd years ago, is to enjoy a stay of execution.

Through the generous co-operation of our new landlords, who have kindly agreed to extend our existing lease as an experiment from August 1st through December, we are happy to report that we shall not be closing the store in July after all, and shall be continuing full-steam ahead at least until Christmas.

In a community-spirited effort to keep the store open, the Mayor of Westmount, Peter Trent, has personally intervened to spearhead this welcome reprieve. If the experiment works, our landlords have also agreed in principle to a new, long-term lease thereafter. If it doesn’t, and our customers do not return in full force in the meantime to vindicate our decision, we shall close for good in January.

We are, therefore, throwing down the gauntlet. Since we have been operating the store pro bono for quite some time ourselves, it is now our customers’ call, not ours, as to whether we leave or stay in the new year.

This is not, however, to be confused with a publicity stunt. Had Mr. Trent not intervened personally, we would have closed in July perforce, precisely as we’ve had to do in Ottawa, once our lease expires. As it is, he has been instrumental in fighting to defend his constituency from the loss of what he perceives to be as much a community centre as a bookshop; and we have agreed to maintain the status quo in return.

We hope our customers agree, and that they will join us in celebrating our survival by showing their support. If this unorthodox approach does, indeed, bear fruit, plans are already afoot between ourselves and our landlords to effect significant changes and improvements in January, once our new lease is secured.

In the meantime, our new website is back with a vengeance (www.nicholashoare.com); we’ve resumed our monthly mailer, Notes at Random (available through the website); new videos are being added apace; and we are christening our new blog herewith.

And last but not least, our long-term affection for Vermont Public Television has been reflected in another year’s commitment, including lead local support of “Downton Abbey”, part 3.

In short, we are witnessing a potential turnaround at our Westmount store; and our entire staff joins me, not only in thanking our landlords, but in saluting Mayor Trent for being the catalyst in such a welcome, if unexpected, reaction.

Nicholas Hoare

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  1. Hello

    I am so sad to hear about the potential closure of the Montreal. I currently reside in Ottawa. One of the reasons, I accepted a position in the city was because of your store. It reminded me of bookstores in the UK, which I haunted when I was a student. It made the place feel familiar and connected to civilization. The books I found on your shelves reminded me of what I would find at Heywood Hill or sticking out of the brief cases of globetrotting executives in Hong Kong.

    I do have a question. Who designed the interior of your stores? They are truly wonderful.

    Scott Pittendrigh

  2. I’m so pleased to hear that the Westmount store has been granted a stay! I regularly frequent the Toronto store and would be absolutely devastated if it was ever in the precarious Westmount position, or horror of horrors went the way of the Ottawa location. Here’s a shoutout to all Hoare customers – it’s up to us to keep these lovely local places alive. I tell you our lives will be poorer if they’re gone!

  3. What a shock to read that the Ottawa location has closed. It was a gem located so close to another treasure, the National Art Gallery. I am thrilled to learn that the store on Greene Avenue, my old haunting grounds, is still open for business. I have purchased many books from both locations and still cherish them. Best of luck.

  4. I knew that there was a Santa Claus after all..bravo to all who made this happen! I will personally be there to support this bookstore for as long as you remain in our beloved Westmount!!
    Long Live Nicolas Hoare Bookstore!


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