“British Book Reviews & then some” by Nicholas Hoare is intended to accompany our flagship website, ¬† www.nicholashoare.com,¬† providing both an expanded and running commentary on the books we feature there, along with books too new (or too old) to be included.

It is, by definition, eclectic, and British by inclination, with an emphasis on the unusual. It is not, however, confined to books alone, but to the immensely rewarding spinoffs that literature provides. As such, we shall meander with great deliberation through seemingly unrelated subjects that have as much to do with good taste as good reading, in the hope that you will partake of both.

If you enjoy our tips, and would like to pursue them, by all means do so by contacting the store nearest you, either in Montreal or Toronto. If you are unable to visit in person, they would be happy to serve you by mail.

In the meantime, we look forward to your feedback with relish.

Nicholas Hoare

June, 2012

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