Flushed with Pride: The Story of Thomas Crapper by Wallace Reyburn


When we first opened our Toronto branch, many moons ago, our first ad (which remains fondly remembered, e’en now) read: “Nicholas Hoare: With a name like that, who needs advertising?”

The same might be asked of the inventor of the flush toilet, the unfortunately named Thomas Crapper, whose societal and engineering skills nonetheless led to a large and remunerative trade in Victorian London, where he specialised in his trademark pull-chain toilets (one of which your correspondent has recently installed, with considerable effort, in darkest Nova Scotia).

The firm lives on today, as does its name, which has been immortalised long since. So, indeed, does this entertaining tome, which has been issued in multiple editions since first published in 1969, and remains a classic of its kind.

Other than making a distinctive stocking-stuffer in season, it also remains a source of undisguised amusement to Hoare house guests, who frequently patronise the loo concerned, never to return!


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