In the 40 years from 1874 to the outbreak of war in 1914, almost a hundred “Dollar Princesses” married into the frequently impecunious British aristocracy. Led by the redoubtable Jenny Jerome, whose marriage to Lord Randolph Churchill started a veritable invasion (and spawned a certain Prime Minister), these educated, wealthy and lightly flirtatious young ladies descended on their newly adopted, unsuspecting country with a vengeance, egged on by their socially determined mothers in New York.

This was, however, far more than merely cash for coronets: the results galvanised their prey. In this delightfully easy read, which belies both its depth of research and insight, the author of “Debs at War” and “The Viceroy’s Daughters” has done it again.

A thoroughly enjoyable and perceptive glimpse of the Gilded Age from the British point of view.




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