Full credit is due to our many enriched suppliers and their long-suffering employees, who have somehow stayed the course and continue to help with the massive, ongoing renovations at This Old Hoare House.

In no particular order (except the top two):

Ledelco – LED Lighting Solutions – Gerald Wheatley: indispensable project manager, LED lighting expert, fall guy and friend!

The Brothers Three – Kevin, Eddie and Rick Burrell – painters extraordinaire, still hard at it, 3 years, 65 colours and over 200 gallons later

Terry Taylor and Jim Penney – our continually baffled, but enlightened, contractors

Charles Stewart and his merry men – 4 miles of total rewiring and as many months of toil, through 21 rooms, courtesy of his 9 bemused electricians, led by the indispensably British Mark Coles

Jack Salsman – cabinetmaker par excellence

Glen Chute – our mason in a million

Mark Thompson – our improbable expert in British plumbing

Brenton Wear – caretaker, valet to our dog and cats and neighbourly factotum

ThermoHomes – insulation of our leaky ship after half a century’s abandonment

Brenda Demchuk – seamstress, designer and fellow fabric freak


Kravet Canada – Baker, Laura Ashley, Cole & Sons, Thibaut fabrics

Chintz & Collections – Boussac, Osborne & Little, Maxwell, Jane Churchill, Scalamandre fabrics and Vaughan Lighting

Gala – Sanderson/William Morris, Colefax & Fowler, Roma, Fischbacher fabrics

Arevco – Westmount Lighting

Focus 11 Decor – Montreal upholstery

Restored Treasures – Nova Scotia upholstery

Y & Co. – STARK Carpeting

Bergsma – Dutch paint from Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe

C & M Textiles – customised curtain rods and fittings

Bellevie (Maria and Wouter Eshuis) – our 6-oven British AGA: a 1200-pound production in itself

Batimat – British bathroom appliances (q.v. our video on Thomas Crapper)

Franklin the Fish Guy – for keeping us fortified with fresh fish straight out of the Bay of Fundy and his irrepressible sense of humour


Carlton Davidson, London – a singular character, with sumptuous Art Deco and period lighting to match

Liberty, Wedgwood, Hatchards, Floris – all self-explanatory

Beverly Russell Antiques, Montreal – for buried treasure and friendship


Gerald Wheatley (again!)

Simon Anthony Abou-Fadel – StreamCam

Noah Salzman – our beloved designer of old, whose blessing of our new site is as much appreciated as he is.