Full credit is due to our many enriched suppliers and their long-suffering employees, who have somehow stayed the course and continue to help even now with the massive, ongoing renovations at This Old Hoare House.

In no particular order (except the top two):

Ledelco – LED Lighting Solutions – Gerald Wheatley: indispensable project manager, LED lighting expert, fall guy and friend!

The Brothers Three – Kevin, Eddie and Rick Burrell – painters extraordinaire, still hard at it, 3 years, 65 colours and over 200 gallons later

Terry Taylor and Jim Penney – our continually baffled, but latterly enlightened, contractors

Charles Stewart and his merry men – 4 miles of total rewiring, from top to tail, through solid stone, several months of toil and 21 unforgiving rooms, courtesy of his 9 bemused electricians and their very British leader, Mark Coles

Jack Salsman – cabinetmaker par excellence

Glen Chute – our mason in a million

Mark Thompson – our delightful, if unlikely, expert on British plumbing

Brenton Wear – caretaker, valet par excellence to our various animals, and indispensable factotum

ThermoHomes – insulators of our leaky ship after half a century’s abandonment

Brenda Demchuk – Montreal seamstress, curtain designer and fellow fabric freak


Kravet Canada – Baker, Cole & Son wallpaper, Thibaut fabrics et al

Chintz & Collections – Boussac, Brunschwig, Osborne & Little, Maxwell, Jane Churchill and Scalamandre fabrics; and Vaughan lighting

Gala – Sanderson/William Morris, Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Roma and Fischbacher fabrics

Arevco – custom lighting

Focus 11 Decor – Montreal upholstery

Restored Treasures – Nova Scotia upholstery

Y & Co. – STARK Carpeting

Bergsma – Dutch paint from Fine Paints of Europe

C & M Textiles – customised curtain rods and fittings

Bellevie (Maria and Wouter Eshuis) – our 6-oven British AGA: a 1200-pound production in itself

Batimat – British bathroom appliances (q.v. our video on Thomas Crapper)

Franklin the Fish Guy – for keeping us fortified with fresh fish straight out of the Bay of Fundy, and for his irrepressible sense of humour


Carlton Davidson, London – a singular character, with sumptuous Art Deco and period lighting to match

Liberty, Wedgwood, Floris, Hatchards and Heywood Hill – all self-explanatory

Beverly Russell Antiques, Montreal – for buried treasure and friendship


Gerald Wheatley (again!)

Simon Anthony Abou-Fadel – StreamCam

Noah Salzman – our beloved designer of old, whose blessing of our new site is as much appreciated as he is

VERMONT PBS – for sound suggestions on sound and videos alike