As editor-in-chief of VANITY FAIR, Tina Brown was a media darling, as synonymous with society as Anna Wintour and Diana Vreeland before her. But the latter two ladies (whose journals would have been equally fascinating) failed to keep a diary.

Tina Brown did. Moving from Fleet Street to New York, along with her equally famous husband, Harold Evans, she took over that flailing magazine and promptly turned it into CONDE NAST’s flagship, recording her adopted city’s politics, rivalries and society scuttlebutt every step of the way.

It frequently takes an outsider looking in to see what an insider looking out does not (as does an Oxford education); and in these delicious diaries (try pp. 206-207 for size), her personal opinions shine forth for all to see.

Witty, gutsy and fascinating from start to finish. Roll on, Volume II!




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