Welcome to the Hoare House!


Since the 4 remaining Nicholas Hoare bookshops closed in orderly fashion in 2013, and your correspondent retired, we have been busily restoring our new ancestral home in Nova Scotia, both as a principal residence and as a 21-room stage-set, with a view to resuming our book videos of old in newly varied settings.

At the same time, we are initiating a “blog” and reactivating our website. In conjunction with our old friends at PBS, support for whom we are also resuming, we hope to develop – over time – a steadily expanding collection of videos, with pocket reviews in parallel, focusing on books from Britain and the great overlooked.

As part of the process, we have switched to a new subscription service. If you wish to continue to receive email updates, please re-subscribe to our blog by using the “Subscribe” option on the right of this page. We do hope you will consider rejoining us in this pro bono venture, which eschews advertising and is entirely non-profit, non-sponsored and dedicated to books and reading – or, rather, to good books and good reading.

As a former customer, you are receiving this email automatically; but if you do not wish to join us at this point, don’t hesitate: you have only to let us know and we shall delete your name immediately. If you choose to remain, however, welcome back from all concerned!

A toast from Nova Scotia, either way.

Nicholas Hoare

The New Yorker c2013


  1. Hi Nick

    Having been and still am a fan of This Old House on PBS for many years, I can’t help but LOVE the title of your blog. I’ll come back and visit often!


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