What Plant Where Encyclopedia, edited by Lorraine Johnson


American readers should not be foxed. Although the sub-title of this noble tome reads “Canadian Edition”, this is, in fact, a British book, edited just as much for use south of the border as north. As long as you know what hardiness zone you’re in – all eight are covered – you should find this book as adaptable as Canadians do.

As bibles go, this is hard to beat: the title says it all. Featuring 3,000 illustrations, entirely in colour, with both common and Latin names, soil types, basic requirements and full descriptions appended, one has merely to refer to the setting, be it border, rockery or patio, to find a rich array of plants to choose from.

One-stop gardening is a rarity, but this door-stopper of a book goes a long way toward doing just that. A massive undertaking, handsomely achieved.






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