What we do and why


The goal of this blog is twofold: to promote books, libraries and the endless joys of reading; and to promote PBS – in particular, our beloved VERMONT PBS, whom we have long savoured and solidly supported for a quarter of a century. That wonderful organisation, whose signal contributions to culture and learning remain well nigh peerless on this continent, embodies everything we stand for ourselves. It is a delight to be once again associated with it.


Our book reviews are necessarily brief, in keeping with our videos, and cover titles both in and out of print. Most of the latter are still available, however, even at smaller libraries, through inter-library loan; and, as purchases, second-hand. British titles not yet available in the U.S. are usually readily procurable by mail, using international sites, or from stock, through commendable Canadian sources (we love independents) such as our esteemed former Toronto manager, BEN McNALLY, who has opened up on his own (benmcnallybooks.com).


Libraries are increasingly warm and welcoming places that belie their straitlaced reputations of old. Today’s models are modern, light and airy places that foster reading, learning and computer skills as little else can. You are warmly encouraged to use them – at any age. They’re free and friendly and their range is huge.


Bearing in mind this is a a work-in-progress and it’s early days yet, we welcome feedback, but are sadly incapable of answering messages individually. This does not imply, however, that our readers and viewers are being ignored: merely that responses must necessarily be grouped.


THISOLDHOAREHOUSE.COM, speaks for itself (and the house IS old). All videos are filmed from our home in Nova Scotia, using locations dotted about through its 20-odd rooms and the property at large. (You can learn more about the building and its mysterious background from the videos themselves.) We can also be found on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and YouTUBE.


All videos, reviews and opinions are entirely our own, have nothing to do with PBS, and are entirely independent. As such, we do not accept advertising, purchase our own books, and refuse promotional materials altogether. We stand fully behind our reviews, but at the same time stand to be corrected: constructive comment is always welcome.