Stability, one hopes!

In the wake of this week’s tumultuous events in Westmount, so hot on the heels of our heartbreaking Ottawa closure, in which 23,000 kg. of manicured furniture was dismantled like a Chinese jigsaw puzzle and moved to Annapolis Royal in a 72-foot truck, we can be surely forgiven for a slow start to our bloggings.

By contrast, the extraordinary reaction attached to news of our Montreal store’s stay of execution, which both vindicates our decision and affords us a unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves, is immensely heartening for blogger and staff alike; and we face the future with considerably more equanimity than we did when our building was sold from under us last year. Customers old and new have been coming out of the proverbial woodwork since first we broke the news; and we have high hopes that the penny has finally dropped. If the community really does want us to stay, it will simply have to keep its own side of the bargain –  not just at Christmas, but steadily all year round.

In the meantime, we soldier on, bloodied but unbowed, secure in the knowledge that we are at least not going to have the rug pulled from under our feet after all. For that alone, hosannahs on high!

As to our future, the next steps can be planned, but hardly implemented, before a new lease is signed in January. No more carts before horses! But we have high hopes that, if it is signed, there will be material changes to all three floors of the store as a result. In this regard, we are working hard with our highly co-operative landlords to improve the property itself, to the benefit of both Greene Avenue and the shop.

In the meantime, to all our many friends, who have once again bombarded us with emails, phone calls and letters of congratulation, the warmest of thanks in return. But we hardly deserve them ourselves: They should have been really directed at one man in particular – the enlightened Mayor of Westmount, Peter Trent, whose visionary diplomacy and very British determination finally won the day.

We shall now embark on the true purpose of our blog – books, books and more books – and hope you join us for the ride. Thank you for staying the course thus far.



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