Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult by Bruce Handy


For those of us with a passion for children’s literature, this book is a corker.

Singling out 50-odd authors and their many timeless titles, Bruce Handy reflects on the lasting riches to be found in children’s classics. In extolling their virtues, judiciously larded with excerpts, he has produced a highly evocative vade mecum to contemporary children’s literature, aimed, refreshingly, at the lay reader, rather than the librarian.

Literary criticism usually makes the eyes glaze, as does the writing. Not so this time. In a book that took 6 long years to complete, the author’s affectionate comments onĀ Charlotte’s Web alone make the book an adult’s delight.

We backed his listings for years. One-stop shopping from start to finish. Goodnight, Moon!


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